We sell sporting goods and fitness in Egypt at a very special price and good quality .

  • specification Sponeta S1 line indoor indoor table, not weatherproof only suitable for dry rooms within buildings not resistant to heat, coldness, incident solar radiation and humidity (relative humidity higher than 60%) european standard: EN-Norm 14468-1 Made in Germany perfect for beginners

    EGP 4,850
  • CRYSTAL G2381N Ergonomic design with an easy access structure. The favourite one among the female audience due to its rear drive and its modern design.

    EGP 11,950
  • KHRONOS GENERATOR G260 High performance guaranteed for intensive workouts with this crosstrainer. Its self-generated system allows its placement in places without electrical connection.

    EGP 23,500
  • FDR20 G869 Elliptical trainer for semi-professional use with special warranty conditions and designed for large size users. If you like hard trainnings this is your machine.

    EGP 25,900
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