• sportline - KLJ 8607 HA MODEL: KLJ-8607HA Elliptical with 4 hands NET WEIGHT: 37 KG MAX USER WEIGHT: 120 KG DIMENSIONS: 115×50×161 cm Adjustable and comfort seat Burning the fats of the body especially the legs Strengthen the leg muscles LCD screen Measures (Time, Speed, Distance, Calories and heartbeat)

    EGP 4,095
  • sportline - KLJ - 405 A Works to burn the fat in the legs Air Walker 120 Kg Grey/Black Works to tighten and strengthen the muscles of the legs Max weight 120 KG Very useful in losing weight

    EGP 2,010
  • CRYSTAL G2381N Ergonomic design with an easy access structure. The favourite one among the female audience due to its rear drive and its modern design.

    EGP 11,950
  • KHRONOS GENERATOR G260 High performance guaranteed for intensive workouts with this crosstrainer. Its self-generated system allows its placement in places without electrical connection.

    EGP 23,500
  • FDR20 G869 Elliptical trainer for semi-professional use with special warranty conditions and designed for large size users. If you like hard trainnings this is your machine.

    EGP 25,900
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