SPRINT YG 6060/4 Treadmill, DC motor

YG 6060/4


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SPRINT YG 6060/4 Treadmill, DC motor

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 Display speed, time, distance, calories and allow you to adjust the speed of the walking belt. It have 9 built-in exercise programs that automatically adjust the belt speed throughout the workout + 1 manual + BODY FAT TEST. Include sensors that read your pulse, and have MP3 player for your entertainment


Most of (home use treadmills) in the market unfortunately can operate 30-45 minutes at a time to lose fats you need to exercise a longer period, and this dilemma

YG 6060 has been provided with strong (1.1-2.2 H.P) motor, to be able to use it for an hour at a time without causing any damage to the motor (Max user 120 k.g)

Exercise more lose fats more.

Running surface

The greater width and length of walking surface the greater feeling comfortable

The width is important as the length, most of treadmill suppliers do not care about the width as they care about length both are important.

You will know that after you try a treadmill with 40 cm width and this 44cm width it is totally different, more width gives you more freedom during your workout

More length gives you long comfortable strides.

Auto Lubrication Function

simply press the lubrication button on treadmill console 

and peace your mind of all lubrication problems

Vibration Unit

Vibration machine has many benefits.

Improves circulation and increases blood oxygenation.

Twister board

The twist board is an amazing piece of exercise equipment that has got many health benefits.

Improves strength, flexibility and endurance facilitating balance and co-ordination of the body.

And can really help you to get rid of those extra calories hanging loose around your waist and can get you a slimmer waist and tone thighs.

Set up Bench

Set up Bench helps you to do abdominal exercise easier.

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SPRINT YG 6060/4 Treadmill, DC motor

SPRINT YG 6060/4 Treadmill, DC motor

SPRINT YG 6060/4 Treadmill, DC motor

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