Wilson Padel Racket Ultra Team V2

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With its diamond shape and medium balance, the Ultra Team delivers controlled, energetic power. It features the softest foam in the Ultra family and is equipped with a smooth fiberglass surface combined with an elastic core for unparalleled flexibility. Fiberglass fabric therefore offers an excellent combination of stability and reactivity.

Equipped with Foam Core, a very low density foam, this racket will allow you to develop your strokes with confidence and a serene and comfortable feel. The result: soft and forgiving strokes, as well as extra thrust on low amplitude shots.

One of the best options for developing padel players eager to play fast and aggressive, the Ultra Team V2 features a new geometry for a powerful performance upgrade

The Power Pillar bridge extends across the throat of the blade to not only increase power and stability throughout the swing, but also provides a pleasing visual appeal for its users. Anchored by a composite of fiberglass weave material and Core Foam for excellent playability, this paddle offers a performance fit for players ready to take the next step in their game.


- Infinity Edge: Increases the optimal paddle point and playing surface with a revolutionary concave design along the edge of the paddle.
- The fiberglass weave provides a good combination of stability and responsiveness of the paddle.
- Core Foam: Features a small density white foam for more stable performance while retaining a soft, comfortable feel.
- Power Pillar: Features a bridge across the throat for added power and stability.
- Sublime Grip: encompasses an ideal combination of softness, tackiness and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on its surface.
- Wrist strap attached to the handle provides additional control and safety measures.

Grip Size : 4 - 1/4
Hed Size : 81.2 sq in / 523.9 sq cm
Length : 455 mm
Unstrung Weight : 366 g

Brand Wilson
Shape Diamond 
Balance 263 mm
Level beginner intermediate
Gender Unisex
Core Soft EVA
Face 100% Fiberglass
Weight 366 g
Surface smooth Fiber glass
Playing Style power