LIVEPRO Resistance Band LP8401-L

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  • Nylon protective cover against premature wear of the tube
  • Suitable for explosive training
  • Elastic natural latex tube
  • Can be combined with the LIVEPRO resistance bar LP8401
  • Yellow: L (10 LBS) 

Livepro latex cloth sleeve resistance rope is suitable for fixed use at home, office and gym for full body exercise, which is a very effective training tool to enhance core strength, cardiovascular endurance and coordination.

Internal high-quality latex tube, has high elasticity, high tensile strength, good rebound, and is not easy to deformation; Polyester fabric cover is wrapped externally, which is high strength, wear-resistant and anti-pull.

Strong and durable aluminum climbing buckle is for connection and fixation, which is very durable. Set contains four resistance values (10/20/30/40LBS), with a variety of combinations to meet different training needs.