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Hip Bands for Booty Resistance Workout
  • Bands for Legs and Butt
  • Heavy Exercise Loops
  • Gym Bands Perfect for  Activating Glutes and Thighs, Building Beach body
  • LiveUp Hip Band LS3629 the resistance band is an useful accessory for new level fitness training to tone your figure. It offers an effective lower body and core strenthening especially. The elastic Hip Band is able to solve hips problem. It is designed to activate hips, buttocks, pelvis muscles and legs as well. The resistance band is made of tug durable cotton wool with combination of elastic latex screen fabric with total width of 8 cm. The other dimensions of the band depends in one of the three offered models. Does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pofessional fitness coach, it is easy to use. Train every day, train hardly and be surprised of your body shape just only in 30 days! Enrich your training with the Hip Band LS3629 and tone a perfect hips shape!