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Maximum weight: 180 kg 
The device works on slimming the body in general and focuses in particular on slimming the lower part
It burns fat in the abdomen, buttocks and legs
And it works to activate the muscles and cycle and maintain weight and weight
- The device with resistance to control the resistance to the resistance in the pedal resistance more than one level of exercise - The device with a chair that can be adjusted according to the position of the person performing the exercise
It is equipped with a digital counter to measure (speed - time - distance - heart rate - calories).
Operating with a seat at various levels for the possibility of controlling its low height and an internal tire weighing 14 kg
And the ability to control movement forward and backward
Helps lose weight and strengthen the muscles of the legs
Strengthening the muscles of the thighs and legs
Burning fat in the waist area
length 115 / width 40 / height 95 /