OMA 8010 Relax Bike

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self-powered magnetron control system according to EN957/CE specification , 600W/ 60rpm , Low speed, high torque, to achieve low speed and high resistance, colleagues from the rechargeable battery makes the user interface continues to display, in line with the trend of energy-saving and carbon reduction Products using imported multi-groove J-type belt drive system to enhance the comfort of the sport  comfort, non-slip The pedal pad design provides consumers with comfort and safety, good balance, and less pressure on the joints Training zero impact, consume more calories and fat in a shorter period of time The intimate wheel design is used to facilitate the movement. Machine ergonomic handle design, and set the pulse sensor in the handle place, so that consumers can quickly detect the heartbeat condition when using the new riser design, adding a stylish style, overthrow the traditional simple Steel pipe design stereotypes, simple and easy operation of the pad design adjustment, easy customer adjustment Footbed the free flow of cool air generator cover, not cause important moving parts hot, hot air is discharged out, to maintain the optimum operating temperature inside

Size: 1770*600*1300 mm

Color: Grey