Wilson Padel Racket Blade Junior

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  • The Blade Junior racquet, which is perfect for junior padel players who want to take their game up a level, features a shorter length and smaller shaft for increased playability. Easy to grip, spin and contact, this racquet also generates incredible power to help overcome the opposition.


    - Shorter shaft length and narrower shaft width, optimal for juniors.
    - Fiberglass Weave gives the blade an excellent combination of stability and response.
    - Power Foam technology generates excellent blade responsiveness with a lighter weight to reduce arm fatigue.
    - Sharp Hole technology uses an advanced drilling process to grip the ball and improve the serve on all shots.
    - Sublime grip includes an ideal blend of softness, fit and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations in the surface.
    - Wrist strap attached to the handle provides additional control and safety measures.

  • weight: 300 g


    Brand Starvie
    Shape Round
    Balance 245 mm
    Level Beginner
    Gender Unisex
    Core Soft EVA
    Face   100% Fiberglass
    Weight < 330 gr.
    Surface Rough
    Playing Style Control