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The Ultra 100 L is the midweight version of this excellent all around series of racquets. Coming in at 9.8 oz unstrung, the construction of this racquet has enhanced maneuverability at the net and is very comfortable with groundstrokes. Wilson added some geometric enrichment to make this racquet a formidable frame. The classic Wilson Perimeter Weighting System (PWS) is integrated into this frame, boosting stability without sacrificing the size of the sweetspot. The Sweet Spot Channel is a cavity in the frame that increases the length of the cross string, which in turn enlarges the sweet spot for more power and forgiveness. Inverted Power Rib is geometric addition to the throat area which optimizes torsional stability for reduced frame twisting. Finally the Crush Zone Grommet system, compresses the grommets at impact to hike up the power and ball dwell time on the strings. Overall this addition to the Ultra series proves to be a delightful hit for players looking for the perfect blend of power and control.
  • The Wilson Ultra 100L V3.0 Tennis Racquet
  • Inverted Power Rib Geometry
  • Sweet Spot Channel
  • Integrated Perimeter Weighting System
  • Size - (4_1/4) | Color - (See Description)
  • 280 g