WNBA Drv 6 Basketball

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"It doesn't matter if the court's a small corner of the driveway. With this Wilson WNBA basketball, any outdoor space is a stadium and any shot could be the buzzer-beating three. Designed with bright colors and deep channels, the ball helps younger players perfect their form.

PERFORMANCE COVER: Unique outdoor cover designed for elevated grip on rougher surfaces
OUTDOOR DURABILITY: Designed for ultimate domination on outdoor playing surfaces
DESIGN: Light blue panels paired with orange channels provide a dynamic color combination
SIZES: 28.5"" (girls age 9 and up, and boys age 9-11)
WNBA OFFICIAL: Official WNBA branding is paired with the iconic Wilson script. Wilson provides the official basketball for the WNBA.
WNBA COLORS: Features the secondary colors of the WNBA Specifications
Bladder Pressure Lock
Channel construction Deep Channels
Cover All Surface
Internal construction Standard
Playing Surface Outdoor
Ball Use Recreational"