Ankle / Wrist Weight MDBuddy 1.5KG

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Looking to build toned, lean legs from the glutes on down?

MD Buddy Ankle Weights activate your leg muscles that often get missed in other training methods. They’re designed to help sculpt your muscles without breaking them down or making them big and bulky.

Because you can move around in ankle weights, you can easily switch between floor work and standing exercises. That extra mobility means more versatility and an expanded range of motion, which pays off in improved muscle tone, balance, coordination, core strength, and more.

These ankle weights come of 1.5 KG pair  (totals of 3 KG respectively). Weights are encased in durable nylon fabric for long-term durability. Your weights are held firmly and comfortably in place around your ankles by rugged Velcro straps and steel D-rings.