Tecnifibre Club Tubes Of 3 Tennis Balls

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Pressurized ball The club is a lively football with a long service life. A ball for advanced players. Approved by the ITF and FFT, this ball offers comfort and durability. In fact, this model can be adapted to all levels. The Tecnifbre Club is a tournament grade ball that plays close to the X-One. It is made from 55% natural and has superior quality and durability. Techni-fiber balls are made in conjunction with Bridgestone from high-quality Grand Prix rubber.

– 3 balls per can
– Suitable for all court surfaces
– Abrasion resistant High quality felt for greater durability
– A fast ball that spins well, has speed
– High quality rubber for greater durability
– Easy directional control when the ball travels at speed
– Rubber : Grand Touring Formula Rubber
– Felt : 55% natural material (Wool , Cotton )
– Up to 55% of the ball surface is made of premium quality Miliken fibers