BELA PRO Padel V2 2

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The obsession is personal. Bella has declared that he is obsessed with sports, and this Bela Pro V2 is his favorite racket as he prepares for his biggest matches. Day after day, the great Fernando Bellastiguin dedicates his life to becoming one of the best players in the sport, and he has helped participate in the design of the Padel game Bela Pro that can satisfy the dreams of every aspiring player. Even the smallest details of the padel, such as the texture of the SpinEffect signature and the pure red finish on the frame, Bella and his ideas on how to Reach the top. This new padel has everything a player needs to get to the best they can be, from a wider sweet spot that provides a more consistent feel, a 3K Primero Carbon face that provides extra power, and a SpinEffect feel for more spin.
Balance 265mm Beam 38mm Basic Type EVA Company Head
size 84″ square / 542cm
square Length 455mm

Paddle shape tear drop
Weight 370g *Without wrist rope included