TFIT 275 SPEED 2023 GRIP 2

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The TFIT tennis racket range is the ideal choice for regular players and occasional competitors . It was designed to provide easy performance with maximum power, comfort and tolerance. In this range, the TFIT 275 tennis racket provides the necessary power and tolerance, particularly for occasional players looking for an ” easy to play ” product. Large 680cm² head size and 16×19 string pattern for more power and especially forgiveness on off-center hits.

Its cosmetic design is elegant, in full matte black with blue and red accents in the color of Tecnifibre.

Originally pre-strung , the racket is directly ready to play!

  • Power and Tolerance
  • For casual gamers
  • Product ready to play
  • Large Sieve 680cm²
  • Elegant cosmetic design
  • RangeT-FIT
    Sieve size680cm² / 105in²
    Weight275g / 9.7oz
    Rope pattern16×19
    Presence of ropeSynthetic Gut